Sunday, June 10, 2012

Beauty and the Beast by Mercer Mayer



  1. Hello again... you are alwais a step (or two or three steps) before the rest...

    I was looking for images to make a post about wonderfull drawings by Mercer Mayer (i just have a few in a book) and always return to your page...

    Would you mind if i pick some of them for my blog... I know it,s not very original but quite easy...

    Let me know


    La imaginacion dibujada

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you many times over for posting these. And thank you for giving the permission to share. These are the most vibrant and colorful shots of these pictures I have seen on the net, period. Would you be willing to send me those scans, but with the mark in the top left corner removed? Please? It would come in very handy to me. They would be for my private use. They will help me with a difficult, but great, craft project. Thank you for reading. Take care, and have a lovely night.


    P.S. For some reason, this won't accept my Live Journal name, but you can find me under nightfall_rose. Then, I can give you my email address if you agree to do this for me--remove the mark in each top left corner.