Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Book of Favorite Fairy Tales by Jennie Harbour

The Goose Girl

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Snow White


Little Red Riding Hood

The White Fawn

Hansel and Gretel

Snow White and Rose Red

Sleeping Beauty

Prince Chéri


Beauty and the Beast 

Tufty Riquet

My Book of Favorite Fairy Tales illustrated by Jennie Harbour , 1921


  1. lovely... always

    This is one of my favourites since i knew her. love to first sight

    Great collection of pictures

    thanks again and again

    1. Hello, So good to see more of Jennie Harbour's work on the net. I share my Jennie Harbour google site, linked here for your interest. I am writing a book about her and wish to hear from people who may have known her or know about her. I hope I shall hear from you and others.